Fin2Fit’s mono-fin instructor training CPD reaccredited until 2022

What a three years it’s been for Fin2Fit since the launch of their mono-fin instructor training CPD.

While the popularity of the company’s Mermaids and Sharks classes continues to rocket, the need for high-quality teachers grows alongside that.

And Fin2Fit’s work in this area has been rewarded with reaccreditation from Swim England Qualifications until 2022.

Delighted to have the support of the National Governing Body, co-owner Emma Longden explained the origins of the CPD and the course’s content.

She said: “We were initially inspired by children wanting to ‘become’ a mermaid or shark – and we soon realised that there was no formal qualification to train instructors on how to deliver classes and sessions to children wearing mono-fins and mermaid tails. So we designed the CPD and submitted it to Swim England for accreditation.

“When instructors embark on the CPD they learn how to plan sessions and they find out more about our bronze, silver and gold awards system which the children work towards.

“The instructors will also learn all about the mono-fin – how to use it, the safety behind it, how to put it on and take it off properly, and about the tails.

“They have time in the pool delivering sessions, trying out different manoeuvres, teaching sessions and getting a feel for the equipment. Usually the courses are pretty serious but as soon as the adults get into the water they are like children again!

“Then they head back to the classroom to go through all the health and safety aspects, risk assessments, session evaluations, how Fin2Fit works with Swim England and the RLSS, and we finish with a Q&A.”

Swim England support

Emma added: “Our main aim before we launched the business was to have Swim England on board. Having that support and approval has been huge for us and we’ve had the CPD reaccredited now which is fantastic.

“It gives parents peace of mind and provides swimming instructors with the reassurance that it is a recognised, high-quality CPD.”

Fin2Fit have also linked up with the Institute of Swimming to meet the demand for more Mermaids and Sharks classes across the country.

Outlining the benefits of the classes, Emma remarked: “I’ve seen children get into the pool and not have a particularly strong butterfly kick. They put the fin on and something just clicks. Suddenly, they know how to do it. It also helps improve their speed and stamina in the water and is a whole body workout.

“It’s really fun and improves their engagement with water. For some who have gone up to levels five, six and seven and may be losing their interest in swimming it gives them a different energy – something new – and keeps them in the water which can only be a good thing.”

Sharpens teaching skills

Swim England Educator Chris Cook delivers Mermaids and Sharks classes at his Swim Buddies swim school and is a Fin2Fit Ambassador and Tutor.

“I started getting involved a year ago,” he said. “I saw the fins and tails and thought it was such a good idea. So I jumped at the chance when Emma asked me to become an ambassador.

“It’s a challenge to encourage children into different aquatics disciplines, but this does exactly that. It’s fun, helps your technique and is also great for fitness.

“The CPD gives the teachers another string to their bow and really sharpens their skills too. As a teacher when you go through the CPD you start to experience what it feels like to swim using this equipment and can really understand how to transfer that into a teaching environment.”

  • Find out more about the Fin2Fit Mono-Fin Instructor Training CPD here.