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Swim England Qualifications have enabled Claire Duffy to teach swimming while raising a family, work overseas, and even help save a youngster’s life.

Now a swimming teacher at the University of Birmingham, Claire has built a 30-year career on her qualifications – including a spell working in the US.

Here, she outlines the impact swim teaching has had on her life…

Working overseas

“I don’t think I would be where I am now if I hadn’t gained my Swim England (formerly ASA) qualifications. They certainly enabled me to go and work in America.

“They accepted my qualification there without having to do the American qualifications. In fact, they said mine were better than theirs!

“The qualification really does help with gaining work overseas. If you’re a student and want to travel, it’s a great stepping stone to getting out there and seeing the world.”

Raising a family

“It’s also a great way to earn money when you’ve got young children. It’s certainly something that helped me because it enabled me to work during school term times and in the evening when my husband was home. So the children were always being looked after.

“That’s a big bonus to being a swimming teacher, as a career move and fitting it in with your family life.”

Young girl swimming underwater

Giving something back

“I’ve always loved swimming. It’s my happy place and I’ve been in and around swimming pools my whole life. Teaching seemed like a natural and normal progression – being able to give back that love of swimming and hopefully inspire it in other people.

“The best thing about being a swimming teacher is seeing people realise their goals, achieving things they never thought they would be able to do.”

Helping to save lives

“My most memorable moment in teaching was having a parent come back to where I was working and thank me because what I taught her son had saved his life.

“He fell in the canal, he swam out and he lived to tell the tale. They think he would have drowned if it hadn’t been for what I taught so that was an amazing moment.

“The satisfaction you get from realising that you are passing on the knowledge that could save lives and then actually seeing the proof of that is amazing!”

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