Latest Swim England Qualifications video released

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The latest of Swim England Qualifications’ 2019 videos, focusing on swim teachers in further and higher education, has been released.

Following the launch of the full-length video by swimming’s National Governing Body in January, this latest ‘snippet’ reaches out to students.

Teaching swimming can be the perfect accompaniment to life in higher education. Flexible working hours, competitive rates of pay and the confidence gained from running classes are just some of the benefits.

As a result, thousands of students complete Swim England Qualifications’ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching) and Level 2 Teaching Swimming courses every year.

Swim teaching boosts confidence

Filmed at the University of Birmingham Sports and Fitness Centre, this latest video features real swimming assistants and teachers – highlighting the rewards of teaching swimming and the benefits of qualifying with Swim England Qualifications.

Among the teachers featured is student Victoria, who says: “I love swim teaching because it’s a fun job – it’s really satisfying to see children progress and it’s nice to see the future generation learn to swim!”

Another student, Abi, adds: “Because of the flexible working hours, swim teaching fits in really well with my university degree and with what I want to do in the future.”

Joe, meanwhile, says that training as a swimming teacher gave him the confidence to become a school teacher too.

“I was actually quite a shy person so it’s unbelievable that I now stand in front of people and teach them,” he explains. “But it is something you can do, something that grows and becomes very natural – the knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge as well.”