Build your confidence – become a swimming teacher

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There are so many benefits to becoming a swimming teacher.

Whether you’re looking for a full or part-time career, the pride from teaching a life-saving skill, or the satisfaction of inspiring young swimmers, it ticks all the boxes.

For many, it’s also a real confidence builder which enables them to grow as individuals.

Lucy Glover is a qualified swim teacher, having gained experience after completing her Swim England Qualifications (SEQ) Level 1 Swimming Assistant training and adding her Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification.

She said: “I never thought I would have been capable of teaching my own lessons as I’ve always been so introvert and shy but I’m loving being a Level 2 teacher!

“I’ve been a swimmer since I was very young, about 10, and I’ve always loved kids. I was a shy person when I was younger, so I thought that if I had a career in swimming teaching it would build my confidence. It definitely has and now I’m so much more confident and outgoing.

“I can teach lessons, I’m far more chatty with children and it’s really helped me grow as a person!”

Rewarding, inspiring and fun!

Helping young swimmers in Birmingham, Lucy highlights the job satisfaction she enjoys on a daily basis.

“I love seeing the kids enjoying the lessons and improving,” she added.

“Swimming is a life skill that everyone needs and I think it’s quite special to be a part of that when children are so young. You can go on their journey and teach them from a very young age.

“I would definitely say to anyone who’s thinking about a career in swim teaching ‘go for it’.

“It’s very rewarding and you meet so many different people. The job satisfaction is a massive factor – if you enjoy swimming and working with kids it’s a great job and great career to get into.”

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