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Are you aware of the Adult Swimming Continuous Professional Development (CPD) course from the Institute of Swimming?

One in five adults is unable to swim, with 2.3 million of them wanting to learn. When adults are learning to swim, they have very different motivations and needs compared to children’s swimming lessons.

The Swim England Adult Swimming Framework is about improving confidence, competence and technique with no age limit. And this online CPD has been developed with Swim England to help teachers prepare and deliver swimming lessons for adults.

By the end of this CPD learners will know:

  • What adult swimming opportunities are available
  • The stages of the Swim England Adult Swimming Framework
  • Some motivations and barriers for adults when thinking about learning to swim
  • How you can adapt your lessons to the individual needs of the adult swimmers

Adult Swimming Framework

Learners should be able to complete this online CPD in two hours, although this may vary depending on each individual, and they can close and resume it at a later date if necessary.

Underlining the national governing body’s commitment to adult swimming, Katie Towner, head of Swim England’s Learn to Swim programme, said: “Swimming is one of the best activities that people can do with friends, family or on their own.

“There are lots of reasons why someone may not be confident in water, which is why we created the Adult Swimming Framework.

“We don’t want anyone to miss out on the many social and health benefits of swimming, which is why we are pleased that so many adults are choosing to take part in swimming sessions.”

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