Centre reviews and face-to-face external verifications in 2018

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As a result of prior performance and risk rating, not all approved centres will have a centre review in 2018.

The ASA Awarding Body will notify approved centres that are not having a visit to inform them of this.

If there is no centre review, there will be face-to-face external verification, which will take place on a course where possible. Please remember this could change at any time

About the centre review and external verification formats

  • The format of the review visit and external verification can change and could be no notice, short notice or full notice.
  • Visits will be at any time in 2018, managed by the ASA Awarding Body and may be less than 12 months before the previous centre review visit
  • All approved centre visits will take place during a course, wherever possible. All approved centre visits will also include face-to-face external verification, with a separate report, where possible.
  • Template reports are available in the secure area of the ASA Awarding Body website.
  • Approved centres can expect visits to be from one to ten days and this can change throughout the year, depending on the findings of the earlier visit. Some centre review visits may last over a six-month period.
  • All centre reviewers and external verifiers have passed new assessment tests to be able to carry out their roles in 2018.
  • You may find that there are two centre reviewers, with one allocated to quality assure the centre reviewer/external verifier.
  • All reports will continue to be quality assured once produced with an annual report detailing common areas for development and strengths.